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2.5 months of no writing

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

I started this site to post articles and blogs that I write to share knowledge and information to the world. That was back in January. I DID NOTHING AFTER the first 2 posts, one of which was a throwback to something I had written a few years ago.

The honest truth, I didn't have the motivation. I had a ton of ideas but putting thoughts to paper just didn't happen. What I did do was read more, study more, learn more. Between recovering from a surgery and running a non profit, I did the following things:

  • Completed the entire Speed Reading Mastery bundle of courses that I bought on Black Friday. Its a great bundle that not only teaches you about speed reading but also teaches you about the brain and how memory works and how you can improve your brain and memory function.

  • Read Millionaire Success Habits, Lead From the Outside, Dare to Lead, Unf*ck Yourself, and Climb Your Own Ladder; while starting Becoming.

  • Learned a ton of new crochet tips and tricks and almost finished my first afghan.

  • Cooked a whole lot of new things!

  • Started a mini veggie garden in the back yard.

  • Attended a number of online trainings for Threat Hunting and blue team operations.

  • Witnessed a whole video shoot of my young cousins talking about the Coronavirus, complete with lighting and smoke!

  • Exercised, to an extent.

  • Finished a Campbell's soup puzzle.

So while I didn't write anything particularly for, I did keep my mind engaged and active. Remember, what you do and how you do it is on your terms. Don't let others dictate how you do you. Make the most of your time and life!!


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