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Saturday Morning Butt Chewing w/ Jessica G.

Having mentors, roles models, and sponsors in your life is important. More importantly, having people in your life that will hold you accountable for your actions is what we all need. I have been blessed to have many people to call mentor or role model or even friend with a few that give it to me straight with no chaser!

This morning, I was having a conversation with one of these said people, Jessica. We typically chat every day, mostly about WSC stuff since we have meetings with potential sponsors, donors, and vendors. Today was no different. We started talking about WSC and then cyber games and then we talked about resumes! And that's when the shit hit the fan, in a good way, lol. I have a technical background. That's where I started and my love for technology and how it works in the environment began. Learning the ins and outs of tools that I use at work is fun. I have the desire to move into a more consulting and managerial role on this side of my career (the next 10 years) but of course my resume doesn't show that as a transition.

Back to my resume and the conversation this morning. I always tell my volunteers to put the work they do with WSC on their resume. If in a leadership role then WSC should be a block in the resume as our leaders, in some cases, manage whole chapters or programs. That's a big deal!

Ya'll know the saying "Do as I say, not as I do" well yeah, I don't take my own advice. So my almost 7 years of nonprofit experience is dwindled down to 1 line at the very bottom of my resume. Go figure.

Section of resume
Resume Snippet

Yeah, so needless to say, Jessica gave me the business. Running a tax-exempt nonprofit is HARD work. From marketing to developing and executing programs to developing community leaders to understanding and following legal and financial requirements, you are running a full on business; I just do it on a volunteer basis. But that doesn't negate the skills gained from this role. And that doesn't mean it shouldn't be listed on my resume.

What we sometimes fail to do is appreciate and elevate our volunteer skills because we aren't getting paid. This is problematic for you as the potential candidate as well as for your potential employer. They don't get to see the holistic view of who you are (from Jessica's mouth). They miss your project management skills, or your ability to understand finances and financial management. What about the strategic thinking you have? The future employer won't know!

Awards should also be added to the resume if they apply. For those with a gazillion awards, be selective about which ones you include as all of them don't need to be listed. For the rest of us with only a few awards, list them, just not in parenthesis, lol. Be proud of them.

This write up wasn't meant to be a resume writing blog, because quite frankly, I am no expert in that. I can give advice on what should be put but that is about as far as it goes. It was just kind of funny how this all went down. And it got me thinking that I need to update my resume to showcase my role in WSC and the amazing skills I have had the opportunity to learn through the years. If you are in a leadership role with a nonprofit, add it to your resume!!!! Companies actually like to see that you do stuff outside of your regular work. I know I ask that question of those who want to work with me!

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